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About Us

Paignton Festival is a not-for-profit organisation that hosts a 9-day long event on Paignton Green, throughout July and August each year. Throughout the events duration we are solely raising money for local chairities and groups, of which all the funds are presented to them at our annual giving ceremony each year. 

Established over 100 years ago, with the name origionally being Paignton Carnival, we have a long track of history showing the success of our event. 
In 2016 we took the decision to change the name of the event, to what you all know and love today "Paignton Festival".

All of the staff that work for Paignton Festival are unpaid Volunteers and give up their own time in order to help make sure this event is brought to you all each year. We are made up of a Senior Management Team, an Event Management Team, a Safeguarding Team, Our Royalty Team as well as our Committee all bringing their hands on deck and making sure the event takes place each year. 

Sponsorship and donations are a huge thing for Paignton Festival and we rely solely on them each year to bring the event to you! We are always welcome to new and more sponsors, and have additional options in line for you all soon to be put in place so more of you can get to help us!
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