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Hoburne Devon Bay Carnival Procession
Entry Terms & Conditions

INTRODUCTION Please find enclosed within this form a procession entry form for the Torbay Carnival Procession which from the 01/01/2016 is now incorporated as part of Paignton Festival. If you are unsure of your entry class, then please find class identification information below. We kindly ask that you refrain from using your own collecting tins/buckets as it breaches our collection license. Use of your own collection buckets is a breach of our collections license, and they will be confiscated. Please only use official collecting tins / buckets which will be available from next to the entries desk on procession night. Collection money belongs to Torbay Carnival as we are the promoters. A percentage of the money collected will be returned to you, but only if you are a local charity or group.


TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT - FLOATS All floats, including their Royalty are to enter the Promenade from the Redcliffe Hotel end of Paignton Green and line up on the Tarmac. Please ensure that you approach the entrance from Manor Road as Torbay Council no longer permit making a right turn into a no entry road. ENTRY FROM 3pm


WALKING ENTRIES All walking entries are able to access the site from any entrance and will then be lined up on North Green between the Wild Mouse and Craft Marquee. When the procession leaves Paignton Green you will be merged into the procession by an Official Marshall. Please ensure you are listening to instructions to prevent any incident from happening. ENTRY FROM 3.30pm


ALL ENTRIES Devon and Cornwall Constabulary provide us NO police support for the Carnival Procession, but they and Torbay Council still have powers of enforcement and will stop the Carnival Procession if Marshalling is not done in compliance with their regulations. Please ensure that you bring enough of your own Marshalls to ensure that Paignton Festival’s Marshalls can close roads properly.


THE CARNIVAL PROCESSION 2023 Hoburne Devon Bay Carnival Procession  starts and finishes on Paignton Green and will start at 7:30pm, returning to Paignton Green at roughly 9:30pm. Commercial / Trade vehicles are welcome to apply to enter the Carnival Procession, but they must be in the Carnival Spirit and decorated. For further information call Michael Bailey on 07403 259916. All entries are considered on an individual basis. Entries be advised that there is a height clearance of 13.9ft at the Railway Bridge on Manor Road.


JUDGING All entries to the Carnival Procession must be assembled for 5pm ready for South Devon Judging (Pink Numbers) which will start at 5pm sharp and all other entries ready for judging which will start at 5.15pm sharp (Black Numbers). Late entries on the day that arrive after 4pm WILL NOT be judged


COLLECTING Only Official Torbay Carnival Collecting Tins / Buckets are permitted to be used in the Carnival Procession. They can be collected next to the entries desk and returned after the procession. DO NOT break the seal on the Tin / Bucket. ANY unofficial Tins / Buckets will be REMOVED by our Procession Marshalls. The Police also have the powers to remove any unofficial Tins / Buckets. All collectors MUST be over the age of 16. It is against the law for any persons under that age to collect money during the Carnival Procession.


HEALTH & SAFETY GUIDELINES It is advised that with every entry you should be carrying a First Aid Kit and if using a generator, 2 Fire Extinguishers. Fire extinguishers MUST NOT be obstructed, and MUST be visible. Safety rails around the perimeter of the Float are required to prevent persons falling from the Float. All Children & Adults on the float while in motion, must have safety straps around them. Floats that are temporary use (One day only floats), children MUST be sitting on the floor and no limbs should be hanging over the side of the float. Adults MUST have adequate hand-hold if standing and safety straps / rings around their body to prevent falls while the float is in motion.

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